Three Local Children Help Raise Funds For Dorset Heavy Horse Centre


The current lockdown has affected many outdoor activity and visitor recreational centres but one local popular attraction has been helped by three local children who have raised funds for the Horses and other Farm Animals at the Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Centre near Verwood.

The Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park is an award-winning attraction and is sadly one of the last Heavy Horse Centres left in Britain homing the rare breed heavy horses. Like many outdoor centres they are independently funded. With no income and the country in lockdown, it has left them in a very worrying position, having to find over 1 ton of feed a week to their animals.

Recently however three very special local heroes, Jake 9, Lala 11 and Alfie 9, have come to their aid to help raise funds for their Rare Breed Heavy Horses and farm animals during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Jake with miniature shetland Alice at Dorset Heavy Horse Farm

Jake Corner (left), aged 9 took it upon himself to fundraise in order to help feed the horses, by cycling 100 miles. Jake completed his challenge riding across the New Forest in just 3 days to reach his target. He was sponsored by friends, family and neighbours.

Layla Armitage fundraising

Lala Armitage (right), age 11 went horticultural and has been growing vegetable and salad seedlings which have gone on sale for a donation at Crossways Farm, Layla Armitage fundraisingDamerham. Layla has not only raised money which will provide essential feed for the animals, but she has also brought the community together. Layla took it upon herself to get out in all weathers to help the horses.

Alfie Mahon (below), aged 9 had been due to celebrate his birthday at

Alfie Mahon

the farm with a party with his friends and family, but sadly due to the COVID-19 outbreak he was unable to. Alfie decided he still wanted to somehow be involved and set up a Go-Fund Me to carry out a sponsored 5K run which he is due to run later in May. Aflie has already received over £250 in donations which will provide essential feed and care for the horses and animals. 

Taya Street family member at the Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park said “We feel completely overwhelmed by the efforts of these three very special children. It really demonstrates what wonderful visitors we have and how very lucky we are to receive such incredible support. They have each brought tears to our eyes and shown us a light during dark time”. Tanya went on to say “Not only have they raised money to help supply feed and care for the rare breed heavy horses and farm animals but they have lifted our spirits and drove our determination to get through this a challenging time. Jake, Layla and Alfie are an absolute inspiration, they have done all the horses homed on the farm proud, ourselves proud and their friends and family proud too”.

Dorset Heavy Horse Farm  would like to say a huge heavy THANK YOU to everyone who has sponsored Jake, Layla and Alfie, our three Heavy Horse Hero’s and would like to add that during these challenging times you can also donate and ‘Adopt a Horse’ from just £39 through the Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park Website. This scheme has been set up as a way of the centre saying thank you for the local support. All funds raised will go towards feed, farrier and veterinary costs. You can visit their website here 



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