LOCAL NEWS: How You Clapped for the NHS


A campaign that went viral on social media, inviting everyone to ‘clap for the NHS’ at 8pm on 26th March 2020 resulted in cheers, applause and even fireworks across the country last night. 

You could be forgiven for thinking that it might not happen; asking strangers to issue loud noises from their own front doors and windows into the chilly night air seems so intrusive that few believed anyone would truly participate. Despite momentary hesitations, as people stepped through their front doors and opened their windows last night, the cacophony was as moving as it was unexpected. 

All across the BCP area, reports quickly rolled in of loud cheering, whistling and whooping, of fireworks and neighbourly joy as everyone joined together to demonstrate just how much we appreciate the dedicated, untiring efforts of NHS staff across the UK, especially during the battle against the coronavirus. 

Some readers captured the moment on video and we’ve selected three of the best to share with you.  

Chelsea Skillings in Poole Quay

From Ness Watkins in BH9

Tom James in Christchurch



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