LOCAL NEWS: Coronavirus: Hand gels being swiped from BCP hospitals


Following news that hand sanitisers have been selling out across the country amidst Coronavirus fears, comes the shocking news that people are now resorting to stealing them from local hospitals.

Patients and staff from BCP hospitals are at risk after hand sanitisers, tissues and other medical supplies have been stolen according to hospital sources.

BH Living contacted the hospitals for a statement and a spokesperson confirmed that the theft of items including hand sanitisers was becoming a problem and could leave staff in a position where they can’t perform their jobs properly, risking patient’s wellbeing.

The situation is being taken extremely seriously due to the serious health implications for patients and staff.

This news comes after three people were tested positive for Coronavirus in the BCP area.

Witnesses we’d spoken to said they’d seen visitors to the hospital who were visiting patients were taking in their own empty bottles and refilling them by emptying hand gels provided at patient’s bedsides. Other witnesses had seen people exiting hospitals toilets with tissues and toilet roll.

A spokesman from Poole and Royal Bournemouth & Christchurch Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “Supplies, including alcohol gel, have been stolen from our hospitals. This is being taken extremely seriously as it could put patients’ lives and our own staff at risk. If our staff do not have access to the correct kit, they cannot care for our patients in a safe way.

Additional security measures have been taken and we are asking everyone to report anything suspicious they see across our hospitals.”



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