LOCAL NEWS: Local recruitment company urge applications for ‘Settled Status’


Since the UK leaving the European Union last Friday, a leading recruitment group is now urging EU nationals to apply for ‘settled status’.

Following on from our article on Friday about what changes will be made now that the UK has left the EU, a local recruitment company are urging EU nationals to apply for ‘settled status’.

Now, Berry Recruitment Group (BRG) are urging EU nationals to apply for ‘settled status’, which they say is easy and almost certain to succeed- a success rate of 99.9% according to research by the AIRE Centre, a legal charity specialising in European Law.

BRG work from almost 40 locations across the country, with a Wild Recruitment branch in Poole. They say that there are around a million people who have yet to register.

What is ‘Settled Status’?

‘Settled status’ is a free process through the EU Settlement Scheme.

The scheme is for those who have been living in the UK for five years with continuous residency, those who move to the UK before the end of this year and for family members of EU citizens living in the UK.

It includes equal rights on healthcare, education, benefits and pensions.

Why should EU Nationals apply for ‘settled status’?

By the end of 2020, existing residence documents could be out of date for EU citizens.

However, by achieving ‘settled status’ this means that they will be able to continue as they are.

BRG is also urging employers to encourage their EU nationals to apply so that the country has enough workers. In particular, for areas such as warehousing, manufacturing, catering, driving and office roles,

Spencer Berry, BRG’s business development director, said: “I have witnessed this process because my wife Lena is a Swedish national and she applied and gained settled status very quickly.

Spencer Berry, Business Development Director of Berry Recruitment Group (BRG)

“Foreign workers are crucial for our whole economy and EU workers make up about seven per cent of the UK workforce.

“About a million EU workers have yet to secure ‘settled status’ or ‘pre-settled status’ and there are various reasons for this.

He continued, “The vast majority of those who apply are successful and with Brexit now certain there is no reason to delay.

“Our staff are aware of the situation and are in close contact with our EU nationals, encouraging them to start the process.

“With record numbers of people in work the country needs its international workforce to fill all the available jobs and keep the economy moving.”

You can find more details of the EU settlement scheme on the government website





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