REVIEW: Prince Argent – The Silver Prince by Valeria Ann Lomas


During this short childrens story we are introduced to Matilda, our young protagonist, who becomes the carer of a Welsh Mountain Pony named Diva. When Diva has a foal, it is revealed to be a unicorn. In order to summon his true potential as a Unicorn, the pair must travel to the Henge of Stones on midsummer’s day at midday.

The book is very easy to follow for a young reader, spilt into five short and simple chapters. Each chapter is subtitled and works as its own mini story. The first two build showcase Diva and Matilda’s relationship and gives the young reader informative facts about taking care of horses. The third chapter introduces Prince the unicorn and the final two show the journey to find his true potential.

It’s written in a simplistic tone that connects well with young readers but due to its childish language I can’t see anybody above the age of five enjoying this book. That however is not a negative thing. Overall, I would recommend this book for a young reader as it’s easy to follow, informative and blends the realms of real and fantasy together very well.

By Miles Fraser


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