TRANSPORT: The future of the roads is electric.


In an attempt to encourage the use of environmentally friendly modes of transport, the government have been discussing making electric scooters a permanent feature on UK roads.

Currently it’s illegal to ride electric or powered scooters on UK roads or pavements effectively making them an illegal mode of transport unless being used on private property. With carbon-based vehicles still the most prominent modes of transport on our roads, the government are now looking to make alternative modes of transport a more viable option for people – scooters included.

Trial periods in various cities were conducted with a consultation on their reliability. They are likely to have a place in the future on UK roads once results are inspected by Department of Transport officials and are considered successful. They need to prove they are safe and can be regulated, although only recently BH Living reported an incident of a collision of an electric scooter and an elderly jogger on the Promenade at Branksome so the government needs to consider safety issues before giving the green light.

The government is due to make an announcement within the next 2 months.


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