BUSINESS: Build your business empire with the help of Spartans.


The Spartans is an affordable PR service for start up and micro businesses, set up by Deep South Media, for Dorset, Hampshire and East Wiltshire. They specialise in helping their clientele with their years of experience. 

The Spartans is a program designed to help clients with professional content, such as media releases, website input, social media expertise, photography, video and design.The name Spartans originated from the Spartans army, who in ancient Greek history fought a massive Persian army with a mere 300 men. The name reflects the potentially hard but achievable battle that is reminiscent to starting a business.  

As well as help with professional media content, clients also have potential access to the connections that Deep South Media have on their LinkedIn accounts. Spartans pay a monthly subscription fee which can be used to either save or spend on what appropriate material to develop their brand as best as they can. This can include things like media releases, website content, pictures, videos, social media to consultation and advice. 

Deep South Media themselves are based in Bournemouth and comprises of former editors, business editors, managers senior reporters from daily regional newspapers and a national news agency, as well as a former picture editor and designer. There content is regularly posted online and is posted in print by national and regional newspapers. 

If you are wanting to take your micro business to the next level it have a look for more information here



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