BOURNEMOUTH WEST: Simon Bull – Green party


Dear Sir,

The most important issue facing us now is the climate emergency. Urgent action needs to be taken and the Green Party manifesto tackles this head-on with a massive investment plan addressing this for all our futures. I support the Green Party’s position on the issue of EU membership, that is to hold a People’s Vote. Given the lack of information and the misleading and inaccurate campaigning that took place prior to the referendum it is only right that people have the chance to reassess the impact of leaving the EU and the opportunity to vote again.

There are so many areas that have suffered from the damaging effect of the austerity cuts that have seen a widening gap between the rich and the poor: the NHS needs proper funding to get back to where it was and it needs to be safeguarded against privatisation. The housing crisis and the terrible homelessness levels across the country are something that I want to see resolved, it is appalling that so many families have nowhere to call home, young children living in cramped conditions and so many young people sleeping rough on the streets of Bournemouth and cities all over the United Kingdom.

We are, as a country, hugely more in debt now than we were before the austerity agenda and there is little, if anything, to show for it. The Green Party manifesto sets out a comprehensive way forward to tackle the issues we face today.


Simon Bull


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