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Dear BH living reader,

In the 2017 General Election Labour came 2nd, more than doubling our vote and getting over 10,000 votes more than the Lib Dems. We are the only serious opposition to the conservatives in Poole.

If elected, my top priority will be our hospital. Our Conservative MP has done nothing. Our Lib Dem candidate claims there is nothing she can do.  I have been talking to Jon Ashworth, Labour’s shadow health minister, and working closely with other campaigners to ensure a Labour government will provide the funding and staff Poole hospital needs to save our A& E, maternity and paediatric services.

As a Labour and Co-operative candidate I am proud of our manifesto that is packed full of policies that will be great for Poole, including Labour’s Green New Deal that will bring new green jobs and apprenticeships to Poole, and introduce local democratic ownership of energy and water.

I am a local business woman, who lives, works and volunteers in Poole and I promise that if I am elected I will serve with honesty and integrity, working for you, holding regular surgeries, listening to local people and taking up your issues, such as improving public transport and housing, and reducing poverty.

According to the children’s society, 23% of children in Poole live in poverty. I want to make sure that every child in Poole has enough to eat, without their parents needing to use food banks. I want to make sure every one of the 112 children in temporary accommodation has a proper home to live in.

Only a vote for Labour will revitalise our town and save our hospital, so please vote Labour on December 12th.

Sue Aitkenhead

Labour and Co-operative PPC for Poole.


Email: hello@poolelabour.org.uk

Phone: 07432 575251

Facebook: fb.me/TheLabourPartyInPoole

Twitter: @SCAitkenhead

Website: www.poolelabour.org.uk


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