POOLE: Barry Harding-Rathbone – Green Party


Poole deserves a LOCAL MP who will follow through on their pledges throughout the life of the parliament. That is why I am standing for the Green Party.

My local pledges to you, the people of our wonderful community, are to ensure that the climate crisis is at the top of the agenda, ensuring better sea defences are put in around the Harbour, Sandbanks, Holes bay and Baiter etc.

Poole Hospital’s (as a former A&E nurse there) downgrading, the threatened closure of maternity and Anstey acute care ward are shortsighted and leave the people over this side of BCP with an extra, unnecessary risk to life due to the extra travel time needed for Bournemouth hospital & I will fight it to my dying day.

I will push for robust improvement to GP & mental health services in Poole, with more nurse led surgeries in the absence of GPs and a better funded CMHT provision for all living with mental health of all ages.

The High Street is a disaster and i will work closely with BID Poole to get more funding to improve it, & work with BU to use the empty shops as part of their pop up enterprise hubs.

I will fight to end the oil rig in the bay and the ongoing oil robbing on the island and at Wytch Farm.

Poole deserves a better MP, one who not only works daily for the constituency but actually lives here and appreciates the specific needs it has. Its time4change and time to votegreeninpoole.


Many thanks.

Kind regards




  1. please ring me about barry rathbone please 07503149051 thank you i cant do emails thankk you very much john

  2. Barry is a con man who doesn’t belong in the Green Party. If you check his history, he’s tried to run as a Tory and UKIP councellor in the past. He doesn’t care about any values, he just wants a position of power so that he can inflate his own ego.

    A bit of quick googling will reveal a long list of fake qualifications and other nonsense. The Green Party would be wise to expel this snake from their party to avoid reputational damage.

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