MID DORSET AND POOLE NORTH: Vikki Slade – Liberal Democrats


For 20 years I have made my home, along with my family, here in Mid Dorset & North Poole. I have owned a business here, I have worked for charities here and have even worked within the NHS locally. This area has become my life, and I am standing because I believe I can give it the representation and voice it deserves in Westminster.

I have served as a local Councillor in Broadstone since 2011 and am the current leader of BCP Council. With my background and experience of working in local government, in business, for charity and the NHS, I feel uniquely placed to understand the problems facing many people and the extent of our government’s neglect.

I believe that we can still build a brighter future, one where we can guarantee our children better lives than our own, where we can give our elderly the care and respect they deserve in later life, where no one is left behind based on gender, sexuality or the colour of their skin.

Our plan is simple; put the issue of Brexit back to the people and let them have the final say where the politicians have failed. Tackle the Climate Emergency and protect our planet for future generations. Invest £10 billion a year in teachers and schools to give our children the best start in life. Properly fund our NHS and Social Care through a penny increase on income tax and treat mental health with the same urgency as physical health.


Vikki Slade


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