BOURNEMOUTH WEST: Jon Nicholas – Liberal Democrats


Dear Reader,

I first moved to Bournemouth over 30 years ago and am raising my family here. My work in conflict resolution has taken me to Bosnia, Northern Ireland, and many tense places. It’s also taken me into many schools, prisons and communities. I work with people holding extremist views to find solutions. During these troubled times this experience could be very useful in your MP! 

I work in local schools, often travel around by bus, and I’m active in theatre and arts. I love meeting people from all walks of life. MPs need to meet and represent everyone; people tell me I am good at this.

The policies I support are in our manifesto As well as stopping Brexit and having £50 billion to invest in our NHS and schools, I’m especially keen on tackling the climate emergency. Our Lib Dem led Council is already working on this. As a “green” MP I’d be able to ensure we do more nationally, especially in warm homes and lower energy costs, and cutting congestion. Our record on the environment when in Coalition shows what can be achieved. Gains sadly stalled by the Conservatives. 

Your vote can make a brighter future!

Best wishes,


PS The Lib Dems got more votes in Bournemouth than Labour and the Conservatives in the 23rd May elections this year. We have a Lib Dem Council leader. Vote for what you believe in this election. If elected I’ll work to get a fair voting system and end the need for tactical voting.  


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