CHRISTCHURCH: Christopher Chope – Conservative


I am the only candidate for Christchurch committed to getting Brexit done.  After the UK leaves on 31st January 2020, we will be free to negotiate future trading relationships with the EU and the rest of the world while taking back control of our laws, our borders and our money. 

Getting Brexit done will provide boost our economy and enable the delivery of the Conservative Party’s radical domestic agenda.  Top of that agenda is investment in our health service.  I take pride in the high quality of care provided locally and the success of my campaign to retain maternity services and a major 24/7 accident and emergency centre at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital. 

As a champion for our local schools to have a fairer share of national funding, I welcome the 5.14% average increase in the annual per pupil allocation, far higher than the national average. 

I want to ensure that the younger generation can afford to become home owners locally.  It is scandalous that there are over 11,000 houses in the conurbation for which planning permission has been given but not yet implemented.    

As a former Environment Minister, I support cleaning up our environment, locally, nationally and globally.  Christchurch residents already benefit from past investment in improved  flood and sea defences but further work is essential to adapt to the consequences of climate change. 

To maximise local, well paid job opportunities we must realise the potential of the Airport industrial park as a centre for investment in aviation skills and manufacturing.   




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