CHRISTCHURCH: Chris Rigby – Green Party


“Elected to BCP Council in May 2019 I have already fulfilled one of my election pledges when BCP Council announced their climate and ecological emergency, and I’ve been maintaining the pressure ever since to ensure there is a realistic, sustainable and affordable plan to reach net zero carbon by 2030.

My passion is for the environment and protecting this planet for future generations, if elected to Parliament I pledge to continue with this and push as hard as possible to not only lead us towards zero carbon, but to improve the environment as a whole. This truly is the climate election, we need to act now to secure a future for our children.

As the Brexit sideshow continues, overshadowing the real policies we need to get in place such as protecting our NHS, returning it to the world leading service it should be, and ensuring it remains free at the point of use. Reversing austerity cuts which have done nothing except increase poverty and reliance on food banks of which there were 57 in 2010 and today 424. With studies showing 1 in 50 households used a food bank in 2018-2019, we need to protect society’s most vulnerable. Also tackling the housing crisis which has seen homelessness and rough sleeping increase year on year since the start of this decade.

We need to have a final say on Brexit, a peoples vote with three options; leave the EU with no deal, leave with the negotiated deal, or remain in the EU. The political landscape has changed so much, we need to know what the country wants now, and look to mend the divisions created within our society.”

Kind Regards,

Chris Rigby

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