CHRISTCHURCH: Andrew Dunne – Labour


As a Police Officer of 14 years, and now a local Youth Worker, I have seen the devastating effects of Tory/Lib Dem austerity on our families and our communities.

As someone who is steeped in the local community I will stand up for what is right, and listen to people’s needs and ensure we have a government run in everyone’s interests.  We have massive inequality in our constituency. It does not have to be this way.

My top priority is the environment and our Labour manifesto sets about creating a real answer to the issues we face. We will invest in renewable technologies, insulate homes, and protect against the worst effects of climate change, whilst saving you money and creating jobs.

People are also concerned with the NHS and GP waiting times.  I will ensure that the £26bn Labour have pledged  to reverse privatisation and recruit and train more staff is spent properly and in your interests.

Housing is a major issue with average house prices twelve times the average wage here!  As your Labour MP I will ensure genuinely affordable new homes, rent caps to tackle those rising costs, and deal with the issue of second home ownership that is removing homes from local people and damaging our local economy.

As your Labour MP I will listen to you, and represent your views openly and transparently, with the honesty and integrity I have been brought up with and pursued my whole life.


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