BOURNEMOUTH WEST: David Stokes – Labour


I’ve been campaigning for issues of social justice for over forty years. This passion to see positive change in our communities has led me to stand a candidate for the Labour Party to be the next Member of Parliament for Bournemouth West.

It’s time for real change in our country. This general election provides the opportunity for us to say that we believe that Britain can do better.

I’m proud to stand on a manifesto that is putting the people of Bournemouth West first. Climate change poses an existential threat to our way of life and urgent action is needed to address it. Labour will transform our economy towards achieving substantial emissions reductions by 2030. I will encourage local initiatives that will serve as an example to the rest of the country.

Our country is divided. The British people should be able to determine the next steps of the Brexit process through a confirmatory referendum. A Labour Government will also address the economic and social inequalities in our society. We will raise taxes for the top 5% of earners, raise the minimum wage for all workers over 16 years old to £10 an hour and provide the resources our NHS desperately needs.

As I meet with people across our town I see the thirst that there is for change. As the Member of Parliament for Bournemouth West I will be fighting for a country that is fair, just and leaves no-one behind. This election provides the opportunity to put this country on a new path. 

If you live in the Bournemouth West constituency then do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to meeting you over the coming weeks.


Facebook: @dave4bmthwest

Twitter: @dave4bmthwest



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