BOURNEMOUTH EAST: Tobias Ellwood – Conservative


Dear Bournemouth Resident,

I have served as the MP for Bournemouth East for 14 years now and it has been an honour. I am pleased that this election has been called to let you, the people, decide on how we proceed.

We are living through an unprecedented period in British politics and we need a working government majority to bring this to a conclusion. Since the referendum result in which Bournemouth East voted to Leave, I have voted to leave three times. However, the problem we have had is parliamentary arithmetic. Only a Conservative majority will finally bring an end to the Brexit impasse and allow us to focus on other areas which are so important to us.

I am very proud to represent Bournemouth and all the incredible people, businesses and attractions we have. But we all want to see greater investment in our local services such as our schools, health services and police, and the Conservatives have put the correct pledges in place to ensure we see this. What’s more, we need to make sure that our town is greener in line with the strong commitments the Conservatives have made on the environment. Our local economy has the potential for greater growth which we can achieve by promoting our educational, digital, financial services and tourism strengths.

This is a once in a generation election of the upmost importance and I ask you to please vote for a strong, experienced and reliable local voice and Party that will get Brexit done.


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  1. How can anybody vote for someone with his voting record? Look it up, folks. It’s online!
    Look especially at the way he voted on benefits for the poor and disabled. Unbelievable that he has the gall to stand.
    We need change.

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