BOURNEMOUTH EAST: Philip Dunn – Liberal Democrats


Dear Resident,

I’m a teacher, a grandad, Bournemouth Uni graduate and absolutely love living in Bournemouth.

Your vote in this election is incredibly important. Our schools, NHS and social care, and the need to protect our precious environment all hang in the balance.

I’ve spoken to so many people despairing at the Hobson’s choice between Corbyn and Johnson. However you can use your vote positively, and if you elect me I’d be an MP that would vote issue by issue, rather than prop up either of these extreme and divisive men. We can do so much better, both as Bournemouth and Britain. 

I’ve campaigned passionately for a People’s Vote so we can all have our final say on Brexit. After nearly four years of chaos we finally have some idea of the shape of a Brexit deal so I support us having a simple choice: Boris Johnson’s deal or remain. Simple and democratic.  

As a teacher and life-long learner, education is something close to my heart. We need to ensure the next generation get the great education they deserve. In Parliament this would be something I’d champion, as it’s part of my DNA.  

There are so many other issues I’m passionate about taking to Westminster, so please have a look at our website – you can also find my contact details there to get in touch.


Best wishes,

Philip Dunn


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