BOURNEMOUTH EAST: Corrie Drew – Labour


I’m a local woman who loves our town and wants the best life possible for all who call it home. I first visited Bournemouth almost 20 years ago, when I was 18 and it was love at first sight. It’s been my home ever since.

I joined Labour and am running as your local candidate because I believe our policies will release the huge potential in our town. We’ve been left behind for too long.

Labour will:

  • Heal our NHS
  • Tackle the climate crisis
  • Provide affordable homes for all
  • Restore safety to our streets
  • Enrich our diverse communities
  • Empower local businesses
  • Bring quality training and work opportunities
  • Ensure every child will thrive
  • Give a final say between a credible leave option or remaining in the EU

Over the last 2 and a half years of campaigning in Bournemouth East, as well as my time working here, I’ve had the chance to meet and share with people from every street and every community. I believe that it’s together- in our diverse, collective experience that we are strongest. An MP should be a public servant- standing up for their community in parliament. So, if you elect me as your representative, this will be a collaborative effort.

This election, we have everything to win. So I’m asking you to vote Labour, because It’s Time For Bournemouth.


All the best, Corrie Drew

Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate for Bournemouth East


Facebook: @CorrieRDrew

Twitter: @CorrieDrew

Instagram: corrie4bournemoutheast


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  1. Had the pleasure to meet Corrie when she knocked on my door a few weeks ago. She struck me as sincere and caring..and she gets my vote for the future of this country’s sake.

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