NEWS: Dorset Police’s #ControlRoomLIVE is back

By Jessica Skelton

This September, Dorset Police show us behind the scenes of what goes into working in the control room. 

The hashtag #ControlRoomLIVE circles on X, formally known at Twitter and shows the ins and outs of the call service. It supplies real life time updates on hundreds of incidents in the area. To follow along with the updates make sure to follow @DorsetPolice and the hashtag. 

It’s a 12-hour window where the public have access to the control room chaos, and it starts at 3PM this Saturday the 16th of September. Content displayed will include redacted information from every contact who called 999 or 101 in the time frame. 

Dorset Police are hoping that this event will:

  • highlight the significant demand the force faces on a daily basis
  • Give the public an idea of the sheer variety and volume of calls for assistance 

With the previous 12-hour insight in 2022, the department received 425 calls overall. 280 of these calls went for 999, with the remaining 145 dialing for 101. This led the Police through creating 315 incidents and dealing with 80 accounts of crime.

Recently in August of 2023, the control room was busier than ever, receiving 13,802 calls in total. This is a 15% increase from August of 2022. Again in the August of 23, they received 22,000 contacts from the non emergency number, 101. 

Chief Superintendent, Gavin Dudfield revealed:

“We hope this initiative will give the public an insight into the diverse range of calls that come into the Force on an average Saturday night, which is one of the busier times of the week.

“The vast majority of our demand starts with a phone call to our contact centres, and I would like to thank our dedicated officers and staff who work hard to ensure we deliver an outstanding service to our communities day-in, day-out.”

Once again, Dorset Police encourages you to stay up to date by following their platform @DorsetPolice on X (Twitter). Also make sure to follow the hashtag #ControlRoomLIVE. 



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