NEWS: Residents invited to ‘go green’ for World Cleanup Day

By Jessica Skelton

This Saturday, 16th of September, is World Cleanup Day and housing association, Sovereign, are inviting the community to help out. 

Hosted by global organisation, Let’s Do It!, World Cleanup Day is a social action programme aimed at combating waste and improving our environment. With some community-driven activities to take part in this weekend, help your environment and make it a cleaner and safer space. 

About Sovereign

Sovereign strive to provide quality homes, and have over 60,000 in and around the south and south-west of England. Additionally, the BCP area is one of the top 4 most populated Sovereign home areas. Every year, this housing association aims to build 2,000 more affordable homes. As they’re one of the country’s leading associations, they have the power to help communities and promote sustainability. During September, they have set up multiple events in the UK, such as litter picking, waste removal, recycling promotion and stalls from sustainability companies. 

Sovereign’s Community Investment and Partnerships Manager, Marta Rios stated that:

“We’re actively focusing on making all our homes and places sustainable, and supporting the people who live in them to take pride in where they live and drive lasting change. These events are just one of many things we’re doing to help others look after the planet. I’d encourage anyone who is local to go along, get involved and find out more about how they can support sustainability in their community – on World Cleanup Day and beyond.”

Local events

There are two local events, with one on the 16th and another on the 23rd of September. 

  • Saturday the 16th of September: join in to help run waste collection sessions at St Nicholas’ Church, Corfe Mullen. The session will run from 10:30AM-11:30AM. You can help by reducing landfill waste and bringing clothing items you don’t wear anymore, as it’ll assist local charities. 
  • Saturday the 23rd of September: attend the West Howe Community Enterprise “Give and Take Day”. This will be at Henry Brown Youth Centre, from 1PM-3PM. You’ll have the chance to swap your old clothes for new ones at this clothes swapping event. This minimalises the amount of clothing waste going into our environment, and is a fun way to go shopping while decluttering your wardrobe. However, if you are interested in dropping your clothes off, be sure to do this between 12PM-1PM. 

Every year, millions of people from over 190 countries volunteer to help remove waste from our streets, parks and beaches. This day’s main goal is to open people eyes to how much we don’t take care of our planet, and how much we should. However, just because there’s a day dedicated to caring for the environment, this shouldn’t mean your actions are limited to a single day. Inspire others to make a change starting from this weekend. 

For more information on Sovereign, click here


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