NEWS: Local Thai restaurant wins Poole BID in Bloom competition

By Jessica Skelton

The Thai restaurant, Thai Pantry, has won the Best Restaurant award alongside Overall Winner, in recent Poole competition. 

We have recently witnessed the launch of Poole BID in Bloom and it did not disappoint. 

The Poole BID in Bloom competition was started to create a more vibrant and greener place to live, work and socialise in. The aim is to create and nurture an environment molded by the community.  Generating a positive impact on people’s well-being and their surroundings is the goal. And it is certainly working, public areas of Poole are flourishing with colour and decoration. 


Poole Bid in Bloom winners with Wendy King

The competition winners 

There were four categories in the competition, Overall Winner, Best Restaurant, Best Community Space and Best Pub. With Thai Pantry winning the first two awards, The Blue Boar won the Best Pub and Morebus won the Best Community Space. 

Thai Pantry won because of their efforts displayed out the front of their restaurant. Restaurant owner, Stephen Pritchard said “we have turned the small area into an oasis of colour and fragrance”. 

He went on to explain that passers by would often stop to compliment their flower display and admire them. And while they’d be doing this, they would be intrigued by the restaurant. “People smell the exotic aromas emanating from within the restaurant and either come in for a meal or book a table for later.”

Around the town, efforts have been made to plant olive trees, use hanging baskets and pedestals to increase the town’s appeal. 

Jacqui Rock Poole BID Lead said: “we have been working hard over the past couple of years to ensure that our street dressing initiatives are impactful”. Poole BID want to achieve sustainability, biodiversity and a stronger sense of community cohesion. 

As much as Poole BID wants the community to come together, taking care of public spaces and their own gardens. They also want to encourage businesses to involve themselves, hence the creation of this competition. Who else to help the streets of Poole blossom than the businesses on them? 

Poole BID and the creation of this competition has aided Poole in their greener transformation, and is improving community spaces day by day. 

Also look out for the upcoming summer festival in Poole this weekend, Saturday 16th- Sunday 17th of September 2023. It’ll be packed full of fun and entertainment for the whole family. 

For more information on Poole BID, click here


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