NEWS: Local co-op stores to stop stocking ‘bags for life’.


Regional Southern co-op stores are axing plastic ‘bags for life’ .

Co-op fear that the general public have started to see bags for life in the same way that they see single-use plastic bags.  As a result of this, they will be ending the sale of all single-use plastic bags, as well as plastic bags for life. 

This will happen in around 200 of the co-op stores in the South of England, it’s already started in a handful of stores, and the rest of the changeovers will happen over the next month or so. Shopping will become a more sustainable experience for customers since they’ll be able to replace plastic bags with: 

  • using their own reusable bags/tote bags.
  • 10p compostable bags, which can be re-used as food waste bin liners in the home.
  • £1 durable fold-away bags and large shopper bags. 

This change at the co-op will be a step towards making shopping a more environmentally friendly activity. The independent co-operative is also aiming to cut direct and indirect greenhouse gases from its company by 2030.

To find out more about Southern Co-op’s long term strategy and commitment to climate change, visit



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