NEWS: Is the tip busy? Find out on newly launched app


Anyone wanting to use the local tip can now check how busy it is before leaving their homes thanks to a newly released app.

The phone app has been created by BCP Council and is available for both Apple and Android devices, it uses a traffic light system to inform users when their local tip is busy and if they should avoid making the trip until it is less crowded, also showing the opening hours and available services that will be available.

Xpertnest, smart systems specialists, worked with BCP Council to create this new technology in order to solve the issue with road congestion at the council’s three main recycling centres and around and the areas surrounding them.

Portfolio Holder for Environment, Cleansing and Waste, Cllr Mark Anderson said:

“The last year has been a particular busy one at our recycling centres, with over 750,000 cars visiting our three recycling centres and over 40,000 tonnes of waste disposed of in 2021.”

BCP Council hope that this will help improve the experience for many, encouraging people to dispose of their waste responsibly and recycling as much as possible to make BCP a greener and cleaner place to live for everyone.

The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.


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