NEWS: Local tax payers policing bill to increase this year


Dorset’s Police and Crime Commissioner is asking the public for their views on paying an extra 83p per month for the county Police services.

Police forces across the country usually receive money from a government grant and the precept, however this does not always cover new plans that are put in place or the cost increase from inflationary pressures that have been rising.

The government grant received for 2022/23 is set to be focused towards the pledge made in the government’s manifesto to recruit 20,000 new officers across the country, increasing police visibility to the public and hopefully enhancing it’s services.

While this may cover the new expenses, it is not enough to meet the general cost of the police force and keep it’s effectiveness up and running. Most of the funding for the police services will be coming from local council tax in order to meet inflation costs and prevent reductions of the police services and impacts.

A rise of 83p a month has been put forward by the Police and Crime Commissioner, David Sidwick, to raise the police precept by £10 a year in order to pay for the costs of training, equipment and vehicles for those 20,000 new officers while keeping the police effective. 

The Police and Crime Commissioner commented on the rise, saying:

“I would dearly love not to have to come to you to ask for any extra money to pay for policing, but the simple truth is that if I am to deliver on the priorities you told me were important to you, then I will need every one of those 83 pennies”

More information and a survey for public opinion regarding this change can be found here, the PCC has asked to receive feedback and welcomes any thoughts. 

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