NEWS: Beryl covers 1.7 million miles across BCP in 2021


Beryl has revealed that over the course of 2021 their pedal bikes and e-scooters in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole have covered the equivalent of over 44 times around the globe.

Since Beryl bikes launched in 2019, many people making journeys across BCP have opted to take this more sustainable method, helping to reduce congestion on local roads. During 2020 this number of people increased as the E-Scooter trials were rolled out, which has proved to be a controversial but effective method for providing alternate transport and travel options. 

The data from recorded journeys show the public taking a 10.7% shift from cars to the Beryl Bikes and E-Scooters. It was soon revealed that convenience was the most important factor when choosing transport for journeys, gaining a 91% when voted in a survey, this was soon followed by cost at 84% health benefits at 76%.

Of the journeys taken, 80% were for leisure and about 46% of riders confirmed that they had been out riding more since the bikes and scooters were released. The overall journey data recorded from the bikes and scooters revealed that riders across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole covered 1,788,543 kilometres in 483,071 journeys this year alone, equal to over 44 times around the world.

Beryl CEO, Phil Ellis said:

“By getting more people out of the car and using our bikes and scooters, Beryl will continue to play a key role in boosting public health and reducing traffic congestion as well as improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions.’’


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