NEWS: Major regeneration drive to take place across BCP


A new ‘placemaking’ company has pushed forward a drive for multi-billion-pound regeneration programme for BCP.

BCP, like the rest of the country has faced challenging times over the past few years with many businesses going bankrupt and an alarming amount of people ending up jobless or even homeless, but now BCP Council has launched a new urban regeneration company to drive forward the ambitious plans of a significant investment across the region.

The new company named FuturePlaces is focused on regenerating urban areas and will be supporting BCP Council with their commitment to create 13,000 jobs across all sectors and build 15,000 homes for local people with different budgets. They will investing in fourteen initial areas with a total development value of £2.8 billion including the brownfield regenerative site at Holes Bay, the largest in the south west. 

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole have been set as one of the first areas to take a stewardship approach with a model identified by the Government’s Building Better Building Beautiful Commission, which is a group that advised the government on how to efficiently manage and increase the amount of high-quality designed neighbourhoods and homes for local people.

FuturePlaces has currently set their targets to start with these places across BCP:

  • Beach Road car park
  • Bournemouth International Centre/ Bournemouth ARC
  • Winter Gardens
  • Boscombe
  • Poole Old Town & Quay
  • Christchurch Civic Centre
  • Heart of Poole
  • Carters Quay
  • Poole Civic Centre
  • Turlin Moor
  • Wessex Fields
  • Port of Poole
  • Constitution Hill
  • Extra Care Village
  • Cotlands Road

The programme will be going forth with FuturePlaces working closely alongside BCP Council so that the goals of the council’s BIg Plan are met and benefiting BCP. The council will be providing oversight and governing the company with their decisions during the site developments and FuturePlaces will be engaging with the communities and stakeholders as the site development progresses, 


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