LEISURE: Celebrating the unpaid carers across Dorset


The Carers Dorset Festival 2021 will bring some well earned attention to the unpaid carers across Dorset with 2 live events and 30 digital sessions on Carers Rights Day.

It’s too easy for most people to forget the ones who spend their time taking care of others who aren’t able to care for themselves, but carers rights day is here on the 25th of November to fix that and make sure that all those unpaid carers get recognised and know what rights they have.

Kinson Community Centre will be hosting a live event at 10am until 3pm for those who want to attend and learn more about the importance of carers or spend time among other carers who can understand the unique situations of those in the position. Some care caseworkers will be there to answer questions and you can have refreshments while you engage with everyone before leaving with goody-bag!

This event is organised by CRISP (Carers Resource Information Support Programme) and BCP Council. If you would like to book a place then phone 01202 572826.

There are free online sessions for anybody who wants to connect with and learn more about carers and their situations but cannot attend in person. The will be 30 sessions offering advice and support running from 9am to 4.30pm and feature presentations given by no less than 20 different organisations across Dorset. 
More information on the event and the digital sessions can be found here where you can sign up to attend them.


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