LEISURE: Children’s bonfire night safety story read by local firefighter


Bonfire night is approaching and the Fire Service has brought us a safety story read by a real firefighter to help families keep themselves safe.

It will be bonfire night soon and many people will be setting off fireworks to celebrate one of the UK’s unique holidays, lighting the skies with beautiful colours! However, with all the excitement and fun it is easy to forget that fireworks are dangerous and need to be handled carefully by everyone. 

In order to make sure everyone knows what to do when handling fireworks and sparklers, Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue has participated in creating some safety guides for families to follow including a video of a children’s book being read by a real firefighter to help children understand.

Guidelines include:

  • Leave matches and lighters for grown ups and do not let children touch them
  • When using a sparkler you must always wear gloves to protect your hands, only use one at a time and always point them away from yourself and others
  • Sparklers will stay hot for a while so always be sure to put used ones down in water, sand or soil to prevent any fires or burning.
  • If someone gets burned then cool the burn under cold water for at least 20 minutes, call 999 or 111 if needed and cover the burn with something such as cling film.
  • If your clothing catches fire then immediately stop what you are doing, drop to the ground and roll around with your arms by your side or covering your face to put it out. Do NOT run around as that will make the fire worse.

Firefighters recommend visiting public firework displays as they are bigger and better but mostly because you are safer and out of harms way. If you do have home fireworks then remember the instructions from the story and those listed above. 


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