NEWS: Bournemouth joins the ‘Girls Night In’ campaign


Bournemouth joins the nationwide ‘Girls Night In’ campaign to take a stand against Spiking cases and improve safety for women at clubs.

The Girls Night In campaign has been sweeping across the nation to improve the safety of women in clubs and doing more to prevent cases of ‘spiking’, where women would be discreetly drugged in order to be taken advantage of. 

This campaign started in the University of Edinburgh after there have been a rise in spiking cases with multiple accounts of women being spiked in clubs with needles, through exposed places like an arm or a leg. Those who had been spiked would black out quickly and not remember anything more of the evening before waking up, they would also feel nausea causing intense vomiting and pain in the area they were pierced with the needle.

Many took the experiences as proof that there was not enough being done to keep women safe from being spiked at clubs and want to take a stand for changes to be made. The campaign plans to boycott UK clubs over the week with Bournemouth taking action on the 27th of October and encouraging home parties to make club owners realise that they need to take spiking cases seriously.

Anyone wishing to support the campaign can also sign this petition to make it a legal requirement for clubs to search guests upon entry.


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