NEWS: BCP Coronavirus cases now starting to rise


The number of Coronavirus cases in BCP has started to rise over the past week.

The number of COVID cases in BCP had been steadily decreasing since July and the release of the vaccination to more people in the area, however a report from Public Health Dorset has shown the most recent statistics and revealed that the number of cases has actually risen over the past week.

A latest update on the 1st of October listed the number of cases in BCP as 857, however over recent weeks the cases have been steadily rising and recently hit 1061 cases. Although deaths remain relatively low, we are still experiencing deaths across Dorset from the virus with the rate of national fatalities steadily increasing.

Although we continue to see COVID-19 circulating in the community, the number of people becoming seriously ill or dying after contracting the virus is much lower than during previous waves. This has shown the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine after being offered to the public across BCP, while those who are vaccinated can still catch the virus they are less likely to die or suffer as severely.

Medical chiefs are warning of a tough winter ahead with rising infections and the NHS continues to urge anyone who has not yet been fully vaccinated to book an appointment and help reduce the chances of being infected for both yourself and the people around you.


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