NEWS: Woman jailed for drugs supply offences in Bournemouth


A woman from Bournemouth has been sentenced to four years in jail after being found with class A drugs and intending to supply.

The 40 year old Bournemouth woman named Rachel Amanda Jenvey was called to appear in court on Thursday 22 July to be sentenced after she admitted to being in possession of class-A drugs and was planning supply others.

The police had been given notice of some drug activity at a house on Northcote Road which belonged to the woman and they soon entered with a warrant to search the building. Inside the police found a large amount of drugs including 31 wraps of heroin and 82 wraps of crack cocaine, estimated to be worth more than £1,000 in street value, there were also some notebooks discovered to contain a list of deals.

Rachel Amanda Jenvey has been sentenced to four years in jail and drug crime continues to be investigated in the area.


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