LEISURE: Park life summer programme


The Park Life – Family Fun summer series is here to provide free nature and sport activities for the family at parks across BCP.

The Parks Foundation is hosting events at three parks across BCP in August to bring summer activities for families as they enjoy the summer breeze after 2020. Alexandra Park, Winton Recreational Ground and Watermans Park all have events planned across the summer with a wide variety of activities suited to everyone looking to get active and spend time outdoors.

Alexandra Park in Poole will be hosting events such as family friendly sports activities and dog training to gardening and moth discovery. A “Buggy Bootcamp” event will also be hosted to provide a chance for women with children in prams to get active without needing a babysitter and work on their fitness, the meet up will be in front of the local café and those taking part can have lunch inside afterwards to wind down. For those interested, the information can be found here.

Winton Recreational Ground has many fitness and nature events planned such as family sports and nature creative activities for under 16s or more focused exercise programmes and yoga sessions. The events will also include some more relaxed activities such as café board games and creative writing, perfect for those who prefer a slower paced mental activity to enjoy. More information can be found here.

Watermans Park features family sports and summer football games for those looking to burn off some energy in the sun or a family picnic with nature activities and a wildlife exploration walk for any looking to embrace the outdoors. Information such as dates and time can be found here.


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