WEATHER: Yellow weather warning as winds gather pace


The Met Office has issued Amber and Yellow weather warnings for South West England as Storm Evert approaches with very strong winds.

Hold onto your hats and bring down the sails as Storm Evert is approaching the South West of England with the Met Office issuing a Yellow weather warning across the South West coastline and an Amber warning for areas around Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. 

The storm will reach the South West around 9pm on Thursday 29th and will last until roughly 7am on Friday 30th, this will result in heavy winds overnight with potential damage to buildings and vehicles and possibly causing travel disruptions .

Be sure to take care when outside as flying debris blown by the heavy wind could cause harm and even result in injury, the beach and seafront can also be potentially dangerous from large waves and beach material being thrown by the wind, causing damage to coastal roads and buildings.

The strong winds will likely cause damages to buildings, such as tiles being thrown from the roof and trees at risk of falling and hitting nearby properties. Roads and vehicles are also at risk with possible travel disruptions and road closures, services such as public transport could be cancelled due to safety and damages. Finally, there may be power cuts to homes and businesses, this is likely be the result of damage to the power lines in the area and could also result in mobile phone network issues.

More information can be found from the Met Office weather report here.


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