WEATHER: Yellow warning issued for thunderstorms in South-West England


Heavy rain and thunderstorms are reportedly heading to South-West England with Yellow weather warnings being issued by the Met Office.

Batten down the hatches and get your raincoats ready as the Met office has issued Yellow weather warnings for thunderstorms and rain that are reported to be heading for South-West England. The storm will move into southern areas during Friday night and then, by early Saturday, reach south Wales and the Midlands.

Central parts of southern England are likely to be hit the most, with 25 to 35 mm of rain possibly falling within an hour and potentially leading to flooding, further hazards such as lightning and hail are warned. Around Saturday afternoon further thunderstorms will develop across the south, not all places may be affected but those that are will have a renewed warning of torrential rainfall and flooding with some areas potentially seeing 30 to 50 mm within a couple of hours, so be sure to get your wellies out.

With the conditions listed, there are multiple potential hazards that can affect the public, such as the rain and sudden flooding resulting in driving difficulties and even some road closures, with train and bus services possibly being cancelled this will affect travel for many. The flooding could cause damage to local homes and business buildings alongside the threat of lightning strikes and hail, power cuts are also liable to occur leaving these building without electricity and services.

Further information on the weather warnings can be found here.


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