TRANSPORT: Morebus creates an innovative new bus ticketing app


Morebus has created a versatile new app to improve public travel that features favouriting journeys, bus tracking software and instant online ticket purchases

Bus travel has always been a big part of life across BCP, there is always a bus travelling across the area taking passengers from one place to another. This is routine for many in their everyday lives and they know well the struggles of dealing with a lost ticket, route confusion and even just missing the bus entirely, resulting in many complaining about the inconvenience or completely switching to car journeys making the roads more congested.

Morebus has created a new app with hopes of solving these issues and convincing the public to use their services and reduce the need for car travel. The app is said to have a feature allowing commuters to save their journeys and favourite their routes to reduce confusion and planning time for each trip, they can also track their desired buses to keep aware of how long until they will arrive. 

One of the improved features is the ability to buy tickets instantly through the app itself, removing the need to visit the Morebus website first and wait for the ticket to load on their system before it can be used via the app. This will reduce waiting time for commuters in a rush and possibly make it more convenient for the public to take the bus instead of cars and reduce the amount of traffic on the roads.


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