LOCAL NEWS: Local COVID cases continue to rise


COVID cases across BCP continue to rise in the younger age groups as lockdown restrictions are relaxed. 

Lockdown restrictions are being relaxed further by the government, however this has been followed by a burst of increased COVID-19 rates across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole placing BCP’s case rate higher than the South West average but below the England average.

Image by BCP Council

Confirmed cases in the BCP area rose from 584 to 936 between 2 July and 9 July, while the confirmed cases in Dorset rose from 262 to 365. This has left 5 more people in hospital beds, raising the original count from 9 to 14.

The increase in cases appear to be affecting the younger demographic more than others, specifically between the ages of 10 and 30. This seems to correlate with the distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations through the country and reports of decreased cases in over 30s after attending both vaccination appointments.

The vaccination program has proved it’s effectiveness and the significant impact it has made to the number of people across the UK. However BCP Council is urging those who have not already done so to book their vaccine appointments to protect themselves and those around them and are even offering to fund a taxi journey to the appointment locations for those in need. More info here.

For more detailed analysis on COVID cases click here.


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