CORONAVIRUS: Vital new local survey to monitor effects of vaccine begins


Southampton based independent charity Drug Safety Research Unit (DSRU) are conducting a wide-scale campaign across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole over the coming weeks to monitor the safety of the Coronavirus vaccine rollout.

The vaccine has been shown to be safe and effective and has been approved by all the relevant medical bodies but as part of the rollout, the DSRU are monitoring the effects of the vaccine in the wider population.

As part of the study DSRU are asking for help from local residents who’ve already had the vaccine (but those who haven’t yet had the vaccine can also register to help in the future when they have it) to help in this important study to monitor the safety of the vaccine and highlight any issues or side effects.

They are interested to hear whether local residents had problems or no problems at all after the vaccine. Responses to the survey are confidential and will help to ensure the continued safety of the vaccine and give crucial insights that can be used in future vaccine rollouts.

To register be a ‘Study Participant’ and to take part in the survey click here


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