TRANSPORT: Time running out for your say on Council’s new travel plans


Transforming Cities Fund’s sustainable travel routes are now open for consultation and both BCP and Dorset Councils are asking for the publics views on the ambitious plans.

The Councils are jointly proposing six new sustainable travel routes, which will be funded through the £100+ million Transforming Cities Fund and form a major part of the region’s Transforming Travel programme to create a greener, healthier and better-connected region.

The councils secured the funding based on their commitment to driving economic growth through investment in public sustainable transport across south east Dorset.

Proposals include 78km of new cycling and walking routes and bus infrastructure.

It will be the largest sustainable travel improvement the area has ever seen. The routes aim to give people safe, quick and environmentally friendly travel alternatives to driving, particularly for short journeys.  It’s hoped that this in turn will help reduce road congestion as well as carbon emissions.

Wimborne Road Poole proposals

What Wimborne Road, Poole could look like

What’s happened so far

The Councils ran an initial engagement exercise in order to gather feedback on the proposed routes at the end of 2020. The views and ideas were then used to develop the plans for this latest consultation.

View the full report here

Have your say

There are four routes open for consultation until 31st March. Click here to review the detailed proposals for each route and view an interactive map.


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  1. Pameka Nuttall on

    The cycle paths are a waste of money. I do not see many people using them. Wimborne Road,Northbourne badly needs resurfacing. The pot holes are numerous and very deep . Car drivers have to pay road tax and suffer poor road surfaces leading to car damage. Cyclists pay nothing and get New Paths !!! Disgusting.

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