CORONAVIRUS: Nearly 96% of over 65’s in Dorset have had vaccine


NHS England confirmed in their latest report that 308,846 people in Dorset have been given at least one dose of the Coronavirus Vaccine which represents 95.8% of over 65s in the county.

The national average for vaccinations of the over 65 age group is 93.6% showing that Dorset is ahead of the national average.

Across the UK over 17 million people have received the vaccination as the national vaccination rollout gathers pace with 598,000 people having had the second dose.

Vaccinations were administered through local vaccination services such as GP practices with Vaccination Centres such as sports stadiums and concert venues, such as the BIC also now providing vaccinations from the 11th January. In total there were 267 hospital hubs, 1,034 local vaccination sites, 204 community pharmacies and 117 Vaccination Centres helping to get the vaccines out to the UK population.


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