TRAVEL: Planned changes to Bournemouth roads will block motorist access


BCP Council have announced plans to change access to Boscombe Overcliff Drive and Southbourne Overcliff Drive, blocking motorist access in favour of cyclist and pedestrian safety. 

Work will start on 24 August 2020 to restrict access between Shelley Park and Chessel Avenue, and Portman Crescent and Seaward Avenue. Bollards and timber planters, along with clear signage, will be placed to prevent cars driving through these sections of road. Access by car will be permitted only for properties, businesses or parking spaces. 

The changes will also see the creation of an enhanced cycling route, as an alternative to cycling along the promenade. 

Councillor Andy Hadley, Portfolio Holder for Transport, BCP Council commented; “This is another trial scheme where we are reallocating space to enable residents and visitors to feel safer travelling across our conurbation by foot or by bicycle.

“We know many people travel this route by bike and this provides a suitable alternative to the promenade which reduces pressure on that link and may prove better for those commuting.

“As a seafront location we know residents enjoy walking in this area but the current infrastructure and through traffic makes social distancing quite challenging. Furthermore, the trial scheme will contribute to the council’s climate emergency pledge with a reduction in motorised vehicles through these routes.”

The new measures form part of a wider experimental project across the BCP area to make certain roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Other examples include Victoria Park Road in Bournemouth and Darby’s Lane in Poole. The scheme will remain in place for six months, during which time the public are invited to provide feedback via a survey. 

At the end of the six months, the Council will review the situation and decide whether to make the changes permanent. 

For more information on the scheme or to have your say on the new measures, visit the BCP website



  1. Jacki Brocklehurst on

    People with families want to go down to the beach in summer. Parking for beach is essential. Where will people park. Cyclists take no notice of beach restrictions anyway. Why make it impossible for families to go on beach. I have never heard of anything so outrageous. Have council planners gone out of their minds.

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