BREAKING: Vikki Slade narrowly holds onto BCP Council leadership


Drama unfolded at the BCP Full Council meeting tonight as a motion of no-confidence was brought against the current administration and it’s leader, Liberal Democrat councillor Vikki Slade.

The no-confidence vote, supported by the Conservatives and their leader Cllr. Drew Mellor failed late tonight, with the final result being announced by Chairman Cllr. David Flagg at 10.45pm. 

There was some initial confusion as one councillor’s vote was incorrectly recorded as in favour of the no confidence motion which he later retracted citing it had been incorrectly recorded. Had his vote originally stood, It would have resulted in the no confidence vote being successful. The vote was subsequently corrected resulting in a draw, with 37 votes for the no confidence motion and 37 votes against.

The current constitution dictates that should a vote be a draw, the Chairman gets a second vote and Chairman David Flagg duly threw his weight behind Cllr, Vikki Slade’s leadership.

When recording his second decisive vote, Cllr Flagg cast it in memory of the recently deceased Councillor Colin Bungey, a Christchurch Independent who very sadly passed away in April and who’s seat at Christchurch Commons remains vacant pending a by-election.



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