LOCAL NEWS: BCP Council leader lobbies government to change travel advice


Since the government announcement calling an end to limits on travel for leisure purposes, Dorset has been inundated with visitors. It’s led to a huge spike in parking fines over the weekend, and the BCP Council have had enough. 

In recent Q&A sessions on Facebook, BCP Council Leader Vikki Slade has reminded residents that the decision handed down from the government to lift the ban on travel outside of local regions means nobody can prevent tourists visiting the area. Now it seems even the limited parking is having no impact on those determined to visit our sunny shores, as the council have noted a 23% increase in the number of fixed penalty notices issued over 30 and 31 May 2020, compared to the same weekend in 2019. 

In an effort to push the government towards rescinding their decision to allow free movement around the country, Vikki Slade has written to local MPs, asking that changes are made to the national guidance, limiting travel to postcode or county regions. You can read the letter here.

For now, there are measures that can limit the risk to you and those around you when parking in local car parks: 

  • Observe social distancing at all times, maintaining a space of at least 2 metres between yourself and anyone who does not live in your household. 
  • Use your mobile phone to pay for parking wherever possible, to avoid touching pay machines and speed the transaction to avoid queues.
  • If you have access to hand sanitiser, clean your hands before and after using pay machines if you need to touch them. 
  • Remember that social distancing means pedestrians will need to take up more space while walking round car parks, and ensure you provide adequate room. 
  • Only park where it is legal, safe and sensible, and always provide sufficient room for emergency services and key workers to pass. 
  • Traffic wardens deserve the same respect as everyone else. They are carrying out critical duties to make sure the roads and car parks are not being abused so please remember this when speaking to them. 

Visit the BCP Council website for more information about parking across the area. 



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