LEISURE: “Fashion is not about being skinny”, says award-winning local photographer


Local portrait and commercial photographer Anna Klesse is celebrating this week after the internationally-recognised Master Photographers Association (MPA) awarded her the title of ‘Fashion Photographer of the Year, South West Region’. 

The MPA’s annual regional awards provides an opportunity to truly appreciate the dedication and hard work involved in photography, celebrating the skill, craft, experience and technical abilities of entrants across the UK. This recognition has meant a lot to Anna: “‘This award recognises that apart from capturing great commercial images and portraiture, I am also a creative and conceptual fashion photographer, which is really satisfying.’

It’s just one of a slew of awards Anna can boast to her name, having also received 3 merits and 1 finalist in Fine Art, and 2 merits in the Portrait category. 

Anna’s photography focused not on the typical models you might see gracing the pages of national fashion magazines, but on the everyday person, disproving the notion that models must conform to one body shape and image. She said: ‘I am hugely grateful to the judges for appreciating my hard word with my clients, as all works were commissioned projects. My new title also proves that fashion is not about being skinny, and being a model, as images that scored so highly in this category were commercial images created for my business clients using ‘normal people’ not agency models. It proves also that anyone can look striking. It is about concept, light and professional execution’

Despite cities such as London and Manchester often being considered cultural hotspots for talent such as Anna’s, she moved away from London to the BCP area three years ago. She feels the change has been a positive one, and was keen to express her enthusiasm for the area, and gratitude towards the clients who have commissioned her work: “I would like to thank all my clients for trusting me with their images and businesses. There is nothing more satisfying than a proud client leaving my studio with prints in their hands and a huge smile on their face.

“I relocated my studio from London to Poole three years ago and apart from beautiful scenery and a lovely lifestyle I am blessed with amazing local businesses to work with. There is nothing else I could ask

You can check out Anna’s award-winning entries and find out more about her incredible work on her website.


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