LOCAL NEWS: New Board Set to Bid for £25m Towards Boscombe Regeneration Plan


A new board – the Bournemouth Strategic Town Funds Board – is planning a bid proposal for the government that could see an award of £25 million towards major regeneration plans for Boscombe. 

In 2019, the government asked 101 towns across the country, including Bournemouth, to prepare proposals for a ‘Town Deal’, as parts of its £3.6 billion Towns Fund scheme. It is an opportunity to secure the kind of funding that allows large-scale economic and town centre regeneration. 

The Boscombe Strategic Towns Fund Board was assembled with representatives from the community, businesses and political representatives, overseen by Chairman Jeff Mostyn, who is also chairman of AFC Bournemouth, and has a wealth of previous leadership experience under his belt. 

The board are now working on an investment plan for Boscombe, which will include improving digital and transport connectivity and developing new social and cultural locations in the area that could open up employment and residential possibilities. These plans will cover various parts of Boscombe and its surrounds, including Pokesdown, East Cliff and Springbourne. 

Have Your Say

It’s important to the board that community engagement is at the heart of the proposals, so there will be a number of consultations on the ‘Master Plan’, beginning in the next month, before the closing date for the proposals in October 2020. To have your say on how the funds might be used, visit the government’s My Town portal

Speaking about the plans, Jeff Mostyn said: “I’m really excited to Chair this new Board and work in partnership with the local community to boost Boscombe’s economic regeneration.

“Boscombe was once the home of AFC Bournemouth and remains at the heart of the club.  The town already has a significant foundation of community led regeneration, and I’m looking forward to ensuring this new Town Deal helps to build on this and be the catalyst for further growth to the benefit of the whole community.”

Vice Chair and BCP Council’s Cabinet Member for Tourism, Leisure and Communities, Lewis Allison, was enthusiastic about the potential the grant would open up for Boscombe: “This is a unique opportunity for Boscombe to get a slice of significant external investment for major regeneration and will be a real game changer for the area. 

“Our Boscombe Strategic Towns Fund Board brings together people with a huge amount of experience and expertise in order to create a successful proposal to Government. The amount of money Boscombe receives will be determined by the strength of the Investment Plan we put forward and it’s important the community is at the centre of those plans. 

“This is about us all working together to create opportunities, jobs and homes for people in and around Boscombe.

“We are keen for residents’ voices to be heard and look forward to working with the local community on their ideas for making a significant and positive impact on Boscombe.”

Visit the Boscombe Strategic Towns Fund page for more information. 



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