LOCAL NEWS: Guard of Honour for COVID-19 Survivor Stephen Parker


It was an emotional moment, captured on video, as over 40 NHS workers gathered to bid a fond farewell to a patient who had successfully fought through the worst of the coronavirus and could move to a normal ward. 

Stephen Parker, 62, is a former member of the Parachute Regiment in the armed forces and now works as a security manager but was knocked off his feet after contracting the virus. He was placed in intensive care after his symptoms worsened, but now, after 35 days in the Intensive Care Unit at Poole Hospital, has been released to a normal ward amid an emotional farewell. 

Mr Parker was truly grateful for the efforts of the staff, saying: “I can’t thank all the staff in critical are enough for everything they have done for me. They are truly amazing. I am aware that I’m staying in hospital but I feel I’m progressing every day. Everyone has been fantastic.” 

Eoin Scott, head of nursing and quality for surgery at Poole Hospital said the whole team were delighted to discharge Mr Parker: “Stephen has had a really tough battle against COVID-19 in intensive care for the last five weeks and has made a remarkable recovery, given how critically ill he has been.

“He is an amazing gentleman – and a remarkable survivor. One of his first questions when he began to get better to was to ask for a cup of tea.

“We wish him well in his future recovery. His example has given us all real hope and inspiration during what is an incredibly challenging time.” 

Watch the moving moment for yourself here



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