SPORT: Help a Charity by Taking on the 2.6 Challenge on Sunday


Sunday 26 April 2020 would have seen over 40,000 people from all over the UK take part in the Virgin London marathon, which raised over £66.4 million last year for thousands of charities. In the wake of the coronavirus, a new challenge is asking you to carry out a sponsored activity of your choice around the numbers 2 and 6 to help raise money for those charities. 

Charities all over the world rely on fundraising events, big and small to help them support their causes. From the Virgin London Marathon to coffee mornings, these events have been cancelled because of the coronavirus, but without these vital sources of income, thousands of charities may face closure over the next few months. 

The 2.6 Challenge hopes to combat this. They’re calling on the creative, the inspired and anyone else with imagination to come up with their own fundraising challenges. Maybe you’ll walk on your hands for 26 metres, or ride a unicycle round your garden 26 times. You could do a 26 minute walk with your dog or do a plank or a balance challenge for 2.6 minutes. Whatever you want your challenge to be, sign up to the website, choose your charity, promote your fundraising activity online, and see how much money you can raise by doing it this Sunday.

If you carry out a 2.6 challenge, don’t forget to tell us all about it and send us your photos or videos so we can share them on our Facebook and Twitter pages! 


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