LOCAL NEWS: Dorset Police issue warning to local people


Dorset Chief Constable James Vaughan has appeared in a new Dorset Police video on You Tube to issue further warnings to local people across BCP and wider Dorset to stay at home this Easter weekend.

Despite the warm weather which is expected to continue at least until Saturday, the temptation will be there for people to try to make the most of the weather and venture out to local beauty spots, many citing the allowance for exercise which PM Boris Johnson gave when issuing the lockdown nearly 3 weeks ago.

But in an effort to clarify ‘essential travel’, Chief Constable Vaughan was clear that exercise should ideally begin ‘from your front door’.

“If you have to think ‘is this journey really necessary’ then the answer is that it probably isn’t” was the advice he gave.

The Government are concerned that many people having been restricted for nearly three weeks will be eager to see family and friends or take themselves off on a family day out. The fear is that this kind of activity could reverse all the benefits that have been gained during the last 18 days since the lockdown was announced.

Dorset Police echo those fears and have indicated that they are ready to police the lockdown this weekend and ensure as many people stay home as possible to protect lives and protect the NHS.

BCP Council have issued a similar appeal with Council Leader Vikki Slade appealing for people to abide by the Government’s instructions and stay home and only exercise starting at your front door: “Many people are using their daily exercise time to explore their own neighbourhoods on foot, looking out for rainbows or teddy bears in windows, and discovering an amazing community spirit right on their doorsteps.

“This is a great way to get to know your local area better, which I hope will help to build local support networks – a wave from a window or smile at a front door today could be the foundation for closer communities in the future.” she said. You can read more about what Council Leaders and the Police are saying here


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