LEISURE: Online speed dating to take away the isolation blues


For some, being in lockdown is a lonely time where it’s hard to socialise and even harder to meet new people.

There are many ways that the digital age has made it possible to find a way to socialise during the pandemic, such as social media and video chat, but mainly it is just to speak to people you already know.

Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Bumble; there are many dating apps that are available, but these aren’t for everyone.

Some people prefer, or just really enjoy speed dating, but under lockdown this could be impossible.

However, companies such as Slow Dating are bringing the medium into the 21st century and offering online speed dating.

The events are being put on for various age groups, such as 20-35 or 40s and 50s, and no matter what people are looking for, long-term or short-term, everyone is welcome to have a go.

To find an event that suits you, visit their site here.



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