BUSINESS: How the BID Will Support Businesses in Poole During Coronavirus


The Poole Business Improvement District (BID) has published a statement explaining what support businesses in Poole can access while facing the coronavirus. 

In the statement, the BID confirmed their decision to defer the levy payment  for local businesses – a regular rate from which funds are drawn to fund local activities and services – for eight weeks from 1 April 2020, after which they plan to extend the period if it’s necessary. 

Speaking about the decision, Dan Hurley, Chairman of Poole BID, said: “COVID-19 is impacting everyone and we want to reassure our local BID business community that we will continue to support them through these unprecedented times in whatever way we can. Any business is going to struggle through this prolonged uncertainty so we want to defer our levy bill payments for as long as we can.”

Aware that there will be many business owners with questions and concerns over recent developments, including the lockdown, he continued: “We also know that ensuring that all businesses – large or small – can access the available support is going to be crucial to keeping them afloat, and we would strongly urge anyone that needs more information to contact us as soon as possible.

“Keeping everyone safe and well is a priority for Poole BID, but helping to ensure they can protext their jobs and businesses is also something we are committed to continuing over the coming weeks and months,”

If you are a business owner who would like some advice or support from Poole BID, you can contact the team by email, or find out more about Poole BID from their website, Facebook or Twitter


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